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the senseizero the application is evolving to become a pillar of financial education for young people. She recently launched The Market Simulator, a stock market game to encourage the financial education of new generations. Now, Senseizero integrates new stocks on international markets for its investment platform.

The evolution of the app has taken a leap forward in recent months, devoting a large part of its development to the financial education of young people. With The Market Simulator’s new feature, users will be able to trade with play money, experiencing the ups and downs of the market in real time.

One of the broker’s missions is to facilitate the younger generation’s ability to save and invest safely. Senseizero also offers its users smart alerts, which research the sentiment of the most important stocks on Twitter, making it easier to study the market without being a financial expert.

Senseizero CTO Oscar Barba Seara recently said in an interview for RTVE’s program Emprende: “Senseizero is an app that seeks to democratize stock market investing. The operation is very simple, just download the application, register with Sensei, create a securities account with ABANCA to invest and start trading in a few minutes. To invest with Senseizero you must be a client of ABANCA and have a current account and a securities account free of charge, so getting started is very easy and does not entail any penalties for the user. Sensizero is currently available for purchase in the Spanish market”.

New and revamped

Among the new features offered by the application are the onboarding process, as well as the stock game and the international markets mentioned above. The first concerns the new registration process which offers a new and redesigned user experience: a faster and more intuitive interface. Same Sensizero, but improved, according to the broker. Wait times are reduced for new customers, making it possible to complete registration in just a few minutes.

The market simulator offers users a space where they can experiment with the different features of this broker to learn how to invest safely. It also offers the possibility of organizing public or private trading tournaments with groups of people, providing a unique learning experience. It’s a new way to start investing in stocks without the risk.

Second, there is the International Markets function. One of the most anticipated novelties is its arrival on the application, where the main currencies and stocks of the main American companies, among others, are incorporated.

Senseizero CTO Oscar Barba Seara commented: “At the beginning of this year, international markets will be integrated and the final touches are being finalized for the launch of the exchange game. I think this is a great opportunity to stop the fear of moving your money. In terms of security, we are authorized agent of ABANCA and the whole project is approved by the CNMV. We started the relationship with ABANCA from an innovation program in which we began to collaborate by carrying out pilots. From this relationship, we saw that there was a match, that there was good harmony and that we were both looking for a common goal. ABANCA has decided to support us by investing and collaborating at the product level in the application”.

Senseizero belongs to TXSTOCKDATA SL, a company from Ourense based in the Technological Park of Galicia -Tecnópole, which collaborates in this project with ABANCA for the provision of investment services. The financial institution ABANCA is subject to the control of the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).