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Mumbai: Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos thinks India is teeming with creative storytellers and will soon have its own success story, like the globally acclaimed Spanish series Money Heist and South Korean survival drama Squid Game.

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Sarandos was in conversation with Indian film producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, Founder and Managing Director of Roy Kapur Films, during the ET virtual Global Business Summit.

When asked what Indian creators need to do to be able to have their own Money Heist or Squid Game, Sarandos cited the example of actor Shefali Shah’s hit series “Delhi Crime” and said that the The country’s rich storytelling culture would soon be recognized.

I think it’s inevitable. Look at projects like “Delhi Crime” (it) just won the International Emmy for Best Television Series, which is phenomenal.

“I think it’s inevitable given the rich culture of storytelling in India and the distribution platform we can offer ‘Squid Game’, ‘Money Heist’ could definitely come from India next,” a- he said, adding that they are committed to pushing smart stories from the region.

Netfilx Founder and CEO Reed Hastings has in the past commented on the slow progress of the streaming platform in India, responding to the same, Sarandos said it’s always difficult to launch a new format.

“Launching anywhere in the world is difficult. We haven’t had it easy anywhere, including the United States, where what we do is very hard to do. It’s very difficult to compete with legacy players who have been doing this for 100 years,” he said.

Sarandos claimed that they continually face intense competition and limitations from the internet across the globe.

But finding the right formula we’ve found is really a matter of perseverance and commitment, staying the course, and maintaining small, steady, steady improvements in the business. So India was no different in that way, he added.

Sarandos believes that the Indian market offers exciting content and he is excited to bring it to global audiences.

Variety of languages, regional storytelling being as successful as it is for as many places as it is, well worth it. But that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s so exciting to jump out of bed every morning to make it work, he said.

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