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The Public Health Commission, in which the Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Health are represented, decided this Wednesday to abolish the quarantines for close contacts by COVID-19, regardless of their vaccination status.

As announced by the Ministry of Health at the end of the meeting, this measure will come into force from March 5, i.e. from next Saturday.

In any case, the Commission recommended that during the 10 days following the last exposure, close contacts of confirmed cases “take extreme precautions and reduce social interactions as much as possible, constantly using the mask and maintaining good hand hygiene. adequate hands.

“Above all, contact with vulnerable people must be avoided,” the ministry said. Precisely in this regard, the Public Health Commission has also agreed to issue the recommendation of “extreme preventive measures aimed at protecting the most vulnerable people”.

These quarantines were already lifted for those vaccinated a few months ago, even though Health recommended limiting their activities outside the home within 10 days of last contact with a confirmed case, and insisted on “constant” use. of the mask.

Thus, with 91.1% of the Spanish population over the age of 12 vaccinated, it is expected that this measure will mainly benefit minors aged 5 to 11, or some 3.3 million throughout Spain, with still low vaccination rates.

For this population group, the vaccination process began only two months ago, on December 15 and, precisely for this reason, and because the interval between the first and second dose is 8 weeks, only 547,702 children have the full recommendation (16.7% of those under 12). As for the first dose, according to the latest vaccination report, a total of 1,878,352 children already have it (57.1% of this population group).