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The football fan’s family got scared when he went to the bathroom and didn’t come back

The Rangers fan who disappeared after going to the toilet during the Europa League final in Sevilla has been found safe and sound.

Gordon Smith, 42, from Renfrew, was in Spain with his brother Craig, 23, who was watching Rangers play against Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday. The 42-year-old disappeared when he went to the bathroom after the match ended and didn’t return. Gordon’s family could not get in touch with him in the hours that followed, despite his brother frantically looking for him.

Speaking to the Daily Record yesterday, Gordon’s sister, Danielle Ashleigh, said her brother’s disappearance was “irrelevant”, and the family grew more frightened when they discovered the phone, the money and Gordon’s passport were allegedly stolen.

Credit: Smith Family

“Gordon was supposed to stay on a farm, but I don’t know the details of that,” Danielle said when her brother went missing, “But I think if he had come back there he would have contacted someone at home to let us help him get home.

Fortunately, Danielle has since confirmed that Gordon was located shortly before 11 a.m. on Friday. She had even recruited a resident of Seville who had planned to contact the police in order to find her brother.

Craig is now preparing to return home after receiving an emergency travel document.

Danielle said: “Craig has to go home today. He needs to get his emergency passport back which we’ve had confirmation for, so hopefully he’ll call soon so we can tell him to pick it up.

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