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Netflix recently released a new trailer for its latest spin-off, Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space. The new series will take the lead from its famous predecessor, Money thefta show that failed horribly in its home country of Spain until Netflix bought it and turned into an international hit.

Money theft became so popular not just because everyone loves a good heist movie, but because of the way it took the genre’s traditional tropes and turned it into something surprising. The heist part of the series is enhanced by its 3-dimensional characters and intense drama that complements a story that would otherwise only be Ocean 11 in Spain. His narrative also takes the usual plot of the heist and amplifies it, turning a single theft into a whole, V for Vendetta– class war style.


Money theft had reasonable success in English-speaking countries despite filming in Spanish. Netflix has also added two docuseries on the series – Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin and Money Heist: the phenomenon. Now it looks like after the original series ends in 2021, Netflix is ​​looking to take another bite out of the apple with Money Heist: Korea.

The series is expected to be a big hit given that data points to a massive increase in TV and movie consumption in Korea. And with the success of shows like squid gamethis new version of Money theft aims to be the next big creative Korean drama.

Money Heist: Korea: The parcel

The series takes place in a fictional world where North Korea and South Korea have entered into a unifying agreement. The two countries erased their border and united to create the titular Common Economic Area. In addition to accepting economic cooperation, nations have created a single unified currency that the people can use.

But instead of it being all wine and roses, there wasn’t as much prosperity as people thought. As the trailer says, “Once the North opens up, we thought everyone would benefit. But in reality, only the rich got richer. The show highlights its anti-capitalist base in real Money theft fashion.

The plot for Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space is as follows:

“A genius strategist and his talented team of top-notch thieves attempt to pull off an unprecedented heist on the Korean Peninsula. The story depicts unexpected twists as the crew stage a hostage while facing inexplicable challenges. All eyes are on the background and definition behind the title Common Economic Area.”

But we can say a little more about the plot. The heist in question will be mint, inside the zone between the Koreas, and a co-operative Nationalist Joint Security Team will be among those trying to outsmart our heroes.

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Writer Ryu Yong-Jae, a big fan of the original Spanish series, explained to Variety how this storyline would be different from the previous series. He stated:

“I was intrigued by the premise of the remake because not only is it about the conflict between the robbers and the police, but it also adds new layers such as the tension, distrust and harmony between North Korea and South Korea. [It is] a situation where the robbers of North and South Korea join forces, and the North and South police join hands to stop their way, [adding] a Korean lens to the original IP.

Money Heist: Korea: The casting

Many popular roles from the original series will appear in the new show. So the characters in the series will share the titles of previous characters like Tokyo, Berlin and The Professor, but a new cast of Korean actors will take over from the Spanish cast.

Photos have been released of the crew standing, dressed in the familiar red jumpsuits and masks. But the masks, instead of bearing the cartoonish face of Salvador Dalí, are traditional Korean Hahoe masks. A great change for the culture, they produce the same effect as Dali masks, aiding the crew by projecting anonymity, national identity and fear.

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Yoo Ji-Tae, known for his performance in Old boy, will play the Professor. Park Hae-Soo, a veteran of Korean dramas, including squid game, will play in Berlin. And Jeon Jong-seo will be Tokyo. Yunjin Kim from Lost will play Seon Woojin. Lee Si-woo will play Ann. And Anzu Lawson of Blacklist and NCIS will play Ann’s mother. Park Myung-hoon Parasite will play Cho Youngmin. Kim Ji-hoon will play in Denver. Hyun-Woo Lee will play Rio. Won-jong Lee will be Moscow. Voice’s Ji-Hoon Kim will perform in Helsinki. Kyu-Ho Lee will play in Oslo. Jang Yoon-ju will play in Nairobi. Kim Sung-oh will play Cha Moohyuk. And Joo-Bin Lee will play Youn Misun.

Although several of them are recognizable names in the United States, all the actors have proven themselves in Korean films and television series, and will undoubtedly bring the intense thrill and fierce dramatic tension that we have all come to expect from series.

Release date

Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space will be released on Netflix from June 24, 2022.

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