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Alongside I:CO, a subsidiary of the Soex group, Mango will locally manage the clothes collected in its Committed Box containers, in which the company’s customers deposit the clothes they no longer wear to give them a second life. The agreement with I:CO covers the markets of Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey.

I:CO will take care of collecting the clothes deposited in Mango Committed Box containers and will sort them according to the second life they could have: reuse them (clothes that can be worn are distributed in the second-hand sector); reuse them (if they cannot be reused, they will be used for other types of activities) or recycle them (clothes can be transformed into textile fibers for industrial use).

The objective of the agreement with I:CO is to manage the textile waste collected in each country via a local partner. Until now, the waste collected in Mango stores was managed from Spain. Thanks to this agreement with a local partner, Mango will be able to process them locally, thus reducing its carbon footprint and optimizing reverse logistics.

In Spain, all items collected are donated and processed at the Koopera Recovery and Recycling Center, which is part of Moda Re, a group of social initiative cooperatives and non-profit placement organizations promoted by Cáritas.

Alongside the agreement signed with I:CO, Mango is currently in discussion with other potential local partners to manage waste locally in each country where the Committed Box project has been implemented. Customers can deposit textiles and shoes, whatever their brand, in the Committed Box containers.

The Committed Box project was created as a pilot project in 2015, which saw clothing recycling containers placed in stores in major Spanish cities. Today, Committed Box containers are present in all Mango company stores in 15 countries (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom) and in selected stores in Croatia.

In 2021, the project was extended to five new countries: Austria, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and Russia, with a total of 105 new containers. All franchise stores in these six countries collect used clothing, whether or not they have a container. At the end of 2021, 759 stores in the Mango network have Committed Box containers.

In 2019, the Committed Box project joined the Mango loyalty program, Mango Likes You. As part of the Mango Likes You program, customers who recycle their used clothes in Committed Box containers receive Likes in their account, which they can redeem for movie tickets and discounts, or donate to community projects. ‘Social Action.

The Committed Box project aims to align Mango’s activity with the Sustainable Development Goals for responsible consumption (SDG 12) and is also part of the company’s sustainable development strategy.

Mango’s director of sustainability, Beatriz Bayo, notes that advancing its circular economy strategy is one of the pillars of the company’s sustainability goals.

“For this reason, we are working to extend our Committed Box project through agreements like this, working in coalition with local partners that will allow us to contribute at the local level in each country where the project is implemented. work”.

Just Style spoke with Bayo and Mango Sourcing Manager Andres Fernandez in an exclusive interview last year, discussing how transparency, collaboration and trust are essential for a greener future and for better rebuild after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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