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While things have been quiet for the past two years due to the pandemic, UK cities are starting to welcome foreign language students for the summer. Cash-strapped families can earn up to £7,500 a year tax-free by providing students with breakfast, an evening meal and a bed.

One of the easiest ways to make money from home is to use any available space.

Every year, thousands of students arrive from Spain, France and Italy to take an English course in cities like London, Bristol and Manchester.

After school, they stay with an English family who help them witness family life and experience British culture firsthand.

Many families enjoy the experience of hosting foreign language students in their homes with the added benefit of earning up to £175 per week.

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Ms Lowick has been opening her doors to foreign language students for four years and has never had a problem.

She explained, “It gives students a glimpse of how we live here.

“I like to play mother and find out where they come from and laugh at the similarities and differences between us.

“Anyone with a spare room can do it – that’s a no-brainer – really.

“We don’t always have a real spare at home, but we swap things out to make room for them.”

In Bristol, the two language schools are EF and International House, with IH paying up to £175 per week for each student.

The best way for people to find language schools near them is to search Google for “foreign language college near me”.

This should provide a list of colleges in their city or town that might be looking for host families this summer.

People can also sign up for Homestay and set their own rates by looking at similar rooms for rent in their area.

How to start hosting foreign language students:

  • Be there to welcome them on their first night
  • Keep breakfast simple – cereal, toast and juice for breakfast is fine
  • Lidl has a great four-week meal plan to help keep evening meal costs down
  • Get organized – you’ll need to clear out a room with a bed and desk and make sure they have access to hot water
  • Be prepared for a home visit and DBS check as part of the approval process.

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