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Easter is one of the most popular celebrations in the world, but it is much more important in some countries than in others. When deciding where to go, a lot of money can be saved by opting for destinations where Easter celebrations and festivities are less prominent. The demand for flights and accommodation will be lower in these places and therefore prices will be significantly cheaper. For this reason, travelers are better off avoiding countries like France, Spain, and Italy. Somewhere like Turkey currently represents great value and won’t be as subject to festive price increases.


Flights are most expensive on Fridays and Sundays, so when looking for a weekend getaway, you can save money by flying Saturday to Monday instead. The time of day also makes a big difference – early morning flights can be a pain to get up but are often much cheaper than those at more civilized times.


When selecting accommodation, it is important to prioritize which aspects of the vacation are most important. On a city break where most of the day will be spent exploring and most meals will be taken outside the hotel, there’s no point in spending a fortune on a luxury hotel. 5 stars. If, however, the vacation is a romantic getaway, such luxury might be more important because much more time will be spent in the hotel room…

Always make sure to avoid extra charges that hotels might try to sell. Hotel breakfasts, for example, are often overpriced, especially if there’s a great local cafe next door serving delicious pastries and coffee for half the price.

And finally, what is the importance of being close to the city center, or right next to the beach? Because these hotels are expensive. Most resort towns and larger towns have excellent public transport, and car hire can also be very affordable, so it may be worth saving money by going a few miles from locations. the most privileged.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Most people, especially Brits, are too polite to just ask for a free upgrade, but if you don’t ask, you get nothing. The worst that can happen is someone says ‘no’, so why not ask the airline for an upgrade to first class when checking baggage? Or ask the hotel to upgrade to a better room when checking in? There is no reason to be shy.

You can also ask for a discount before booking, as hotels would rather increase their occupancy rate to a lower rate than leave the room empty. hoo differs from other hotel booking sites because it allows you to bid on a hotel room, putting the ball in their court. If they don’t accept, you can always renegotiate, but chances are you’ll get a much better price than you might otherwise.

Pay in the most affordable way

Most hotels offer the option of paying in advance or rescheduling for a later date. Although it may be tempting to delay payment, this usually results in a higher payment. It’s always cheaper to pay for everything up front.

Hoo co-founder Adrian Murdock comments, “Easter is one of the most popular times of year to book a getaway. The cold winter is behind us and schools are generally closed for at least a fortnight. With time running out, most of the cheapest vacation deals will already be gone, but last-minute vacations don’t have to be expensive.

“You just need to know where the money can be saved, whether it’s striking a deal avoiding the upsell add-ons or opting for a slightly different location or flight time.”