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With just five games to go, the 2021-22 La Liga season has reached its crucial stages as we may soon find out who the new champions are. Here, take a look at the prize money size for Spanish league winners.

A view of the La Liga trophy.
© Indira/DAX Images/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesA view of the La Liga trophy.

Even if there are still five matchdays left in the La Liga 2021-22 season, real Madrid can secure the title this weekend. Los Meringues head to Matchweek 34 atop the standings with 78 points and the championship looks all but secure.

Carlo AncelottiThe boys depend on themselves to lift the trophy and it only takes one point to be champion. If the Merengues don’t lose Espanyol on Saturday, they will automatically win the Spanish League Title.

Even if they lost, Real Madrid would secure the top spot in the table if Barcelona don’t win Majorca on Sunday. As a result, Carletto’s team are only steps away from not only winning a prestigious trophy, but also bringing home a big cash prize.

How much money do the 2021-22 La Liga winners receive?

According to Spanish journalist Roberto Bayon’s estimate, the prize money for the 2020-21 champions, Atlético Madridwas 59,500,000 million euros and it wouldn’t be much different this time.

Therefore, the prize money for the 2021-22 La Liga winners would be approximately 60 million euros ($63 million). However, this money would not be fully paid right after this season, but would be divided into next five seasons instead.

Apart from the financial benefit of winning the tournament, the Spanish league champions can also play in the Spanish Super Cupwhich offers another opportunity to win a piece of silverware and of course, more money.