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The government on Saturday raised petrol and diesel prices for the fourth time in five days.

Petrol prices in Delhi stood at Rs 98.61 per liter after an increase of 80 paise while diesel prices rose from Rs 89.07 per liter to Rs 89.87.

Diesel and petrol prices rose by Rs 3.20 a liter in the last four increases after rates were frozen in November ahead of Assembly elections in Indian states.

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Reports indicate that the cost of crude oil has climbed to $117 a barrel from around $82 in November. Fuel prices were revised for the first time ever on Tuesday after a gap of more than four months.

In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 113.35 per liter and Rs 97.55 per liter for diesel. In the city of Chennai located in southern India, gasoline now costs Rs 104.43 and diesel Rs 94.47 per litre.

India imports 85% of its crude oil needs. Fuel prices have fluctuated since the outbreak of war in Ukraine last month.

Fuel prices also hit Europe after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, with Germany announcing it would temporarily cut public transport prices to encourage people to stop taking cars. amid soaring gasoline prices.

Spain has also been hit hard due to rising fuel prices amid massive farmer protests and rising inflation as consumer prices hit their highest level in decades.

Spanish truckers had also launched a strike to protest rising fuel prices even as Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the country was going through “extraordinarily complex times”.

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