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Netflix is ​​taking another bet on an Asian-produced series that the streaming service no doubt hopes will follow in the footsteps of other surprise hits it’s brought to the US market. The series was raising eyebrows long before any teasers were released, mainly because a South Korean version of the hit Spanish TV series Money theft does not immediately look like a home run, but fortunately, Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space it really does look like it has legs.

The new official trailer, which Netflix released on June 2, has already dispelled doubts despite taking major liberties with the source material. While the original series was a stylish thriller set in its native Spain, the South Korean series will be set in a reunited Korea, with the thieves’ target not being the Royal Mint of Spain, but an imaginary joint bank servicing both North and South of the Korean Peninsula.

Fans of the original will likely appreciate that the two series share a common story. A mysterious mastermind known as “The Professor” assembles a crack team of professional criminals to complete a seemingly impossible task. In the reimagined series, the team will attempt to steal four trillion won from Korea’s Unified Mint, “in hopes of overthrowing the unjust world where only the rich get richer,” according to Netflix’s press release.

But actions speak louder than words, and the trailer shows director Kim Hong-sun applying just as much style as the original. Fans online are definitely hungry to see more, ASAP.

Fortunately, the public will only have to wait a few weeks to quench their thirst. Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space will be available on Netflix from June 24.