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Who is Yasam Ayavefe?

As a businessman and philanthropist, Yaşam Ayavefe has achieved success through the execution of various projects. Fluent in six languages, he has spent most of his life in Central Asia.

Ayavefe, who has a modest personality, is known for the public welfare projects he has implemented. The projects supported the education of young people in many areas and covered various school expenses. He proudly contributed to raising skilful young minds, which will ultimately benefit his state and his nation.

A dual degree holder, Yaşam Ayavefe holds a degree in International Relations and Software Engineering. His passion for learning combined with educational opportunities has allowed him to specialize extensively in the field.

Ayavefe, who also completed his studies in the Department of Food Engineering, has acquired extensive knowledge in the field.

As a well-known entrepreneur and project founder, Yasam Ayavefe has provided services as a telecommunications program manager, in the field of telecommunications. He also has extensive experience in cybersecurity.

The importance he gave to software technology led him to progress in this field.

Yaşam Ayavefe is behind hundreds of successful projects ranging from architecture to tourism. He promoted his country on the international scene and rendered important services within his nation. Ayavefe has become a source of pride as he has helped bring his state and nation to improved levels through the implementation of his successful projects. He has demonstrated excellent levels of achievement in areas such as computers and software.

It is known that Yaşam Ayavefe is also the owner of The Queen Luxury Hotel project located in New Girne today. The hotel’s construction and architectural projects have created a large number of employment opportunities. It is therefore evident that many other projects at home and abroad have great potential for success, in addition to providing opportunities for local society.

blockchain technology

Technology is changing and developing day by day. It is very important to put entrepreneurship at the forefront by following current developments. With this spirit, Ayavefe is one of the few investors in Turkey in the field of Blockchain, considered the technology of the future.

Education is of immense importance to Ayavefe. It has provided training opportunities to many young people to educate them about virtual money, which is seen as the future of the financial sector.

Investment in solar energy at Milaya Capital Limited

Ayavefe invests most of his life in designing projects while taking into account environmental awareness.

Yaşam Ayavefe encourages people to use sustainable energy sources. Referring to the importance of cooperation between countries, the famous businessman Ayavefe proposes measures, in particular those related to global warming. Ayevefe will launch a new project with Milaya Capital Limited in this regard.

Milaya Capital Limited

Milaya Capital has built its reputation by fully committing to any transaction that delivers efficiency in all aspects of today’s business needs.

It is a dynamic London-based venture capital firm with a portfolio of exciting brands in the retail and property sectors. The company recently expanded to Greece.

As an investment company, it seeks new opportunities to invest in high potential people and support the initiatives that inspire them.

One of its most important goals is to improve life within society, in addition to that of the users of its services. Using all the new opportunities in the business world, they have made it their mission to lead the world towards a better future.

Yaşam Ayavefe is taking new steps through Milaya Capital with a vision and mission to establish solar power farms in the UK in the near future.

Ayavefe argues that fossil and similar energy sources are non-renewable and the damage they cause to nature is quite dangerous. However, sustainable energy sources are renewable and harmless.

A green world is very important for future generations. The increase in population growth and the insufficiency of resources make it impossible to meet the required energy needs.

The use of fossil-based energy sources spanning a hundred-year period has made mankind dependent on energy over time.

Let’s think about it, its use harms nature and wears out over time. So what to do in this situation?

Ayavefe started with the idea that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place. He shapes his decisions with this mindset and welcomes significant accomplishments. He has participated in many struggles to support the protection of natural life due to his love for nature from an early age. Ayavefe is currently on the agenda with a global solar energy project.

Ayavefe, who has studied extensively in the field of renewable energies, adds a new country to the project. After Poland, Portugal and Spain, he also began feasibility studies in England. It is very likely that solar energy farms will soon be established in England.

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