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Now in the connected economy, Amazon is unveiling Amp, a social mobile audio app designed to compete with Clubhouse, while TrueCar is launching TrueCar+, a car buying platform. Additionally, ACI Worldwide becomes the first provider to allow people to pay their taxes on Venmo.

Amazon takes on Clubhouse with Social Audio mobile app amp

On Clubhouse’s second anniversary, unveiled Amp, a competing social audio mobile app where users can create their radio shows, DJ and play songs from Amazon Music. “Radio has always been about music and culture,” Amazon Vice President John Ciancutti wrote in a company blog post. “But imagine if you invented the medium today. You would combine what people love about radio, the spontaneous conversations, the discovery of new music, diverse personalities and extensive programming, with all that is made possible by today’s technology.

TrueCar launches the online car buying platform TrueCar+

Online car retailer TrueCar has unveiled its online car buying platform, TrueCar+, which allows users to shop, confirm and finalize car purchases from a dealership and arrange financing and delivery from anywhere. “TrueCar allows consumers to connect directly to a dealership, and TrueCar+ takes it a step further as it will allow consumers to finalize the terms of the deal with a dealership online and give them the options to complete their purchase, but is best suited to their lives,” said Mike Darrow, president and CEO of TrueCar.

ACI launches PayPal, Venmo mobile payment options for IRS filers

Real-time payment software provider ACI Worldwide offers PayPal and Venmo payments to federal taxpayers. The company will be the first provider to offer Venmo as an option to taxpayers filing their federal returns. ACI said 90% of IRS electronic payments made through its platform are made online or through a mobile browser. Additionally, IRS mobile payments have increased by 85% between 2021 and 2022.

Flywire and Tribal Group Form Payments for Education Partnership

Global payment platform Flywire has launched a strategic partnership with educational technology company Tribal Group. The collaboration will involve UK-based Tribal Group, which will integrate Flywire’s digital education platform with its student information system to deliver streamlined payments for students and administrators in markets Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Synchrony Car Care opens cards to allow consumers to charge their electric vehicles

Consumer financial services company Synchrony has announced that customers will be able to use its Car Care credit card to pay for charges at electric vehicle charging stations. Adding electric vehicle charging to its list of features will add to the usefulness of Car Care, which allows consumers to pay for almost all their vehicle needs, including parts and service, gas, tires and oil changes, as well as parking, car washes, public transport, car rentals, carpooling, tolls and insurance.

Orange, merger of the Masmovil plan, launch of the Spanish telecom division

French telecommunications operator Orange and Masmovil Ibercom are working to consolidate Spain’s telecommunications market with a $21.3 billion merger. If the merger takes place, the merged company would be a 50-50 joint venture, co-controlled by Orange and Masmovil. Masmovil has about 6 billion euros (about $6.5 billion) in debt, which means it will have to make a cash payment to Orange to balance out the merger. Also included in the merger plan: a right to trigger an initial public offering (IPO) “under certain conditions” and a right of control for Orange.



On: Forty-two percent of US consumers are more likely to open accounts with financial institutions that facilitate automatic sharing of their bank details upon sign-up. The PYMNTS study Account opening and loan management in the digital environmentsurveyed 2,300 consumers to explore how FIs can leverage open banking to engage customers and create a better account opening experience.