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Private equity could lean even more into international football – this time in the Liga MX.

Global Apollo Management offers a $1.25 billion investment in the Mexican league, according to at Sportico. In return, the company, which has $498 billion in assets under management, is asking 20% of profits international broadcast rights.

  • For the deal to work, the Mexican teams would have had to bundle the media rights rather than selling them individually.
  • The field, which is part of a deck called “Project Goal”, would be sent to the league by the end of the week.

Investment would make sense considering Liga MX great success in the US market: It’s more popular than any other football league.

Strained partnerships

Private equity firms are not always welcome in football.

It took several tries to CVC Capital, for example, to make a deal. He had failed in negotiations with German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A before a deal was finalized between the firm and the Spanish La Liga.

The deal provided the league with a $2.3 billion cash injection – although even the newly created funds didn’t stop some teams from questioning it.