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Air Malta has launched its three times weekly flights to the Spanish capital at the prestigious Palace of Santoña, headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid.

The event was organized in partnership with the Malta Tourism Authority, the Ambassador of Malta to Spain and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services.

Over 70 Spanish entrepreneurs, travel agents and trade travel press attended the event which included presentations and speeches by the Maltese Ambassador – Daniel Azzopardi, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Madrid services – Augusto de Castañeda García, Director of Air Malta in Spain – Eva Bretos, Regional Sales Manager of Air Malta – Jose Espartero and Monika Diez from the Malta Tourism Authority in Spain.

During the event, Ambassador Azzopardi said: “A well-interconnected European transport network is one of the prerequisites for a truly functioning European internal market. Air Malta’s recently reinstated route to Madrid contributes positively in this regard. felt that it would be ideal to introduce the route to the Madrid business community via the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has over half a million members operating in a range of industries that may require the services of Air Malta and we hope this event unlocks the potential in this regard”.

Bretos added: “This event is the final touch to our successful restart of operations in Spain and has allowed our local community to rediscover Malta’s potential as a tourist and investment destination. We are very grateful to all our partners. local sales representatives for the excellent reception of this new direct link between Madrid and Malta.”

“Malta is a very attractive destination for Spanish travelers due to its proximity and its exceptional cultural and leisure offer. In addition, we are linked by deep historical ties and a similar Mediterranean lifestyle. We are very happy to welcome tourists from the country again and hope that the re-establishment of air links such as Air Malta will help us to strengthen our position in this strategic market,” explained Diez.

Air Malta restarted flights to the Spanish capital on April 4, 2022 after a 10-year absence. The airline operates flights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.